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Update Photo’s of Karah Serine by Karah Serine


Here are a few updated photo’s I have taken over the last month. I am happy to say the movie Bag Boy Lover Boy is getting great reviews. I am also thrilled to be working with the Producer again, Ziyad Saadi.  He has written an interesting short he’ll be directing. More info soon to come….

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Photo’s by Karah Serine

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Interview with Actor Ricardo Cordero

Karah Serine:

Congrats to my friend Ricardo!!!! Great Interview and I hope one day we get to work together again!

Originally posted on Plain Talk Book Marketing:

An exclusive interview with @GillianFx

The best way to describe Ricardo Cordero is multi-talented. An actor, writer, producer, director, singer and dancer, Ricardo currently runs Global Network Pictures in NYC. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him a few years ago when I lived in NY and worked in theater. His presence on stage is commanding, he has a way of making you take notice and really brings the character to life. It is an absolute joy to watch him at work, in his element.

Call-outHow long have you been in the business?

I have been involved with show business most of my life in many forms. I made my first television appearance at the age of 3 and my first stage appearance at the age of 4. I formed Global Network Pictures 13 years ago. Since then we have made 3 feature films and many commercials.

If you…

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Screening of “My Little Hollywood” with Matthew Harrison at Anthology Film Archives

It is great to see old friends again. Matt Harrison is a film director who now teaches at UCLA extension. I meet him around the time he made this little gem of a film in 1996. It is not the film he planed on making and it seemed to be a nightmare for 16 years. It goes to show you one never knows what can happen when you let things happen. A love story was the plan but instead a real adventure of what happens to many in Hollywood. Brilliantly done and very funny.

My Little Hollywood

Directed by Matthew Harrison

“A man, a camera, a delusion”.

Judges Commendation
Improvised Film Festival
Sydney Australia

Carmen Piccini and Matt Harrison in MY LITTLE HOLLYWOOD

Los Angeles based filmmakers Matthew Harrison and Tiprin Mandalay ventured out to Staten Island to talk with Eric about their film MY LITTLE HOLLYWOOD which recently had its North American premiere at NewFilmmakers New York. Matthew is an NYC native and got his start.


MY LITTLE HOLLYWOOD humourously and sweetly documents the fantasy world inside the mind of every boy and girl who travels to Hollywood to fulfill their movie dream.

Under fire from his enraged ex in New York, wandering adventurer Cost (Matt Harrison RHYTHM THIEF) drops into California where he teams up with teen-idol Revs (Shawn Andrews DAZED AND CONFUSED) to make a Hollywood movie.

Things don’t quite go as planned when Revs runs off with each actress Cost auditons, and it looks like the movie is a bust. Then Cost discovers 17 year-old liquor store delivery driver Rose (Tiprin Mandalay ROBERTA), the only actress immune to Rev’s charms and willing to get down to filmmaking.

Next, the trio find their fourth in broken-hearted actor J.W. (Jason Oliver STAND BY ME), and the four compadres set off on their quest, inadvertently making a movie and finding the yellow brick road to their own Little Hollywood.

A comical through-the-looking-glass tour of the movie business, MY LITTLE HOLLYWOOD sweetly documents the fantasy world of every young man and woman who travels to 

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Tom Zanca Follow up Interview…What happens when you let go of fear.

For those of you who missed it. Here is an interview I did will fellow actor Tom Zanca. It is followed with info on a indi short film he just wrapped and they are having their primer Friday On Line.  Congrats Tom on following your dreams and thanks for sharing this will me. I love to see what filmmakers in NYC are up to.

Check it out!!! 

A sci-fi short film titled “Anima,” is debuting on Facebook on Friday, Sept. 14, at 7:00 pm. It’s about 20 minutes long. It’s a public event so anyone can join in. Here’s the event link:  http://www.facebook.com/events/361262020616286/

 On the 14th of September at 7:00pm the Premiere will open online  for ONE WEEK! Which means you can watch it any time of the day or night for the week.

Here’s the link to the trailer:  http://vimeo.com/39848269.

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Interview with Writer/Director/Editor Andrew Lyman-Clarke

He started creating in his childhood in Vermont. Being that his father was experimental filmmaker Ted Lyman making films was natural for him. Learn more about him and his films.

This is the mobile version of the interview. I have to wait for blip tv to approve my series before I can post more there.

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Goodbye….Bag Boy Lover Boy

It’s A Wrap Bag Boy Lover Boy….. It has been fun!!!

Actress/Model Marseille Morillo, Make-up Artist Lauren Citera

Actor Theodore Bouloukos

Theodore Bouloukos

Actress Kathy Biehl

DP Anna Franquesa, Gaffer Alberto Sala

Actress Kathy Biehl, Director Andres Torres, Actor Jon Wachter

Actress Kara Peterson ” are we done yet?”

I think they are done…. Producer Ziyad Saadi and Production Designer Rocio Gimenez

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Good things are coming….

I will be working on a film in July and I love the role. It is a gritty role of an evil person but the kind of character you can really bite into. The film itself will be controversial relating to the church. I am waiting for the full script and I will update you with more details when I can.

I am now off to shoot a short piece in a music video. I am just trying to stay busy and continue to learn and grow. I should have some new pics and work soon to share.

Stay tuned…..



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