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Saturday’s Adventure… Union Square

Union Square in NYC on a Saturday Afternoon. Now without the blaring music this picture is not as effective. Nothing like getting off the subway to blaring music and being preached at from the Gospel. 

I was meeting someone to see if maybe there was a connection. I had a great conversation about acting as we both are actors but why does a good conversation have to be ruined by obnoxious text afterwards. I first get a text  saying he want to see more pictures from my bodyscape calendar. Now remember our conversation was not sexual at all! He then wants to know if I am not attracted or just take things slow. (What do men really expect on a first meeting for tea?) I finally reply that my profile clearly states that I am looking to take things slow no matter who they are, as in developing a friendship first. I won’t bore you with all his responses but after me not answering back he states how he could **** me so good I have no idea. Obviously, my first and only answer about taking things slow no matter what but I don’t think we are a good match… was more true then I realized. He then sends his last text… Don’t contact me again. Well, that wish I can grant him.

Maybe we should have stayed and listened to the gospel. :)

Photograph of Union Square, Manhattan, New Yor...

English: Farmers market at Union Square, New Y...


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