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Thought of the day…Italian Proverb

Illustrated Proverb: Don't nock your arrow bef...

Illustrated Proverb: Don’t nock your arrow before you see your squirrel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He who begins many things finishes but few.  Italian Proverb


Is anyone like me? They have all these things they want to do but they all swirl around in your head and you don’t know where to begin? I need to remember small steps or I end up not doing anything.  ;)

It has been over 4 months now since I reentered into acting. So let’s look at where I am. I had a lot of action in the start and all the energy of starting something new. Now the energy is leveling out and I’m trying to see where I am and what needs to be done.

Still waiting to start the film I am so anxious to be apart of. The director has assured even with the delays it is happening. Something to get use to in this biz.

I have an acting web-site full of recent and decent pictures that look like me. Some editing may be in order.

I have worked on a couple of other projects and became sag eligible. I have a clearer view of where I am and realize where I need to improve.

I found I like doing interviews and think it is something I can grow. I have started my good morning video’s and yet to know how others are responding. :) But I enjoy it so I will continue for now. One email alone that someone found it helpful keeps me going.

Now I need to get my Demo together and start looking for an agent. Ohhh and anyone that want to give their input on my photos…. PLEASE DO. Just go to my acting web-site. karapeterson.wix.com/actress I am always wondering which headshot to use. Of coarse not all picture on there are head-shots but any thoughts can help.

It is very helpful to see how others view and perceive of you. This biz likes to put you in a box and I am trying to go with the flow here. So, the more I understand what people see and like the more I will know what to present on a regular basis.

That’s the simple part in a nut shell… also running through my mind, learn french, learn french and italian accents, learn this learn that, do more meditation, do yoga, do do do….

Well, maybe if I did start back with the meditation and yoga as the first step the rest would not be so overwhelming.



Meditation (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn_BE_BACK_on_3th_SEPT)




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It is interesting to see how different people react to my post. Even if you don’t like my blog I still welcome your comments as everyone has some valid points. Post away!!! Especial if you like it. :)

Do Remember… this is a personal blog based on my world. It is not meet to be professional as I have separate web sites for that.  I try to utilize two categories Entertainment and Living however, I sometimes mix them up.

As per my Bodyscapes. It brings up an interesting subject. Can one be spiritual and still appreciate artist cures? I don’t think beauty is meant to be shunned nor do I think the photos I posted are obscene sexually.  Sensual yes but not in poor taste. Learning to appropriate one’s body is important. By no means do I have a perfect body and there are plenty of photo’s I look at and dislike. Finding the right curves and learning to love what you have it not an easy task. It is a matter of leaning to focus on the good and letting go…

I would love any feedback and hear more of what you would like to see or hear about.


Thanks for viewing!


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