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Letting Go With The Old and Moving Forward…

Casting call for black cats, Los Angeles, 1961...

Casting call for black cats, Los Angeles, 1961. The studio was seeking cats for the Roger Corman movie Tales of Terror. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Say goodbye to old thought patterns that no-longer serve you, and say hello to the new thoughts of what you wish to create and experience. Now say hello to your new thoughts and allow them to manifest. You are living your own beautiful dream, now put your new shoes on and live/walk your creation with love and trust of your own powers. You are beautiful in everyway, YES you are!”  

This was posted on Facebook from Awaken Code and it really hit home with me yesterday.

I just finished up a commercial intensive class with casting director David Bellantoni. We had the great opportunity to meet three agents and audition for them. Now why did some of my old ways and insecurities come up? I have been going on auditions and while I may not have always nailed it I have not had these old insecurities come out. Instead of beating myself up I will re-read the words above and move on and let go….

The class overall was a great learning experience personally and professionally. It is good to be reminded of how I have grown and the ways I still need to improve and become stronger. This is a business and playing by the rules is never fun especially for a creative person but if you want to play you must. I think that is where the nerves come in…

The three agents did confirm the rumor that legit productions will start having actors publish/produce their own auditions is false. It was harder then I expected and the casting director plays to important of a role. The agents also gave me some constructive advice about what happens to my voice when I am nervous and where I need to be working from. So all in all the workshop was well worth it and I would advice it to others.

I will now put my new shoes on and walk into the next audition without the nerves… and where is the audition for my black cat? :)


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