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Bag Boy Lover Boy Awards….


Congratulations to the Winners for the 2014 NYC Horror Film Festival :

Sound design: Chrysalis
Special FX: Afterimages
Cinematography: Julia
Screenplay: Bag Boy Lover Boy
Audience Choice Award: M is for Mobile
Best Short: Deep Red Dandelions
Best Actor: Jon Wachter from Bag Boy Lover Boy
Best Actress: Sara Gorsky from Chrysalis
Best Director: Andres Torres for Bag Boy Lover Boy
Best Feature: Gavin Michael Booth for The Scarehouse

You can stay up to date with all the festivals on BBLB facebook.

Here are some of the upcoming festivals.

Paris International Fantastic Film Festival – Thursday November 20 @ 2:00 p.m. at the Gaumont Opera Cinema in Paris, France

Fright Night Theatre – Saturday November 22 @ 9:00 pm at the Staircase Theatre in Hamilton, Canada

Buried Alive Film Festival – Saturday November 22 @ 11:00 pm at the Fabrefaction Theatre in Atlanta

Night of Horror Film Festival – Tuesday November 25 @ 7:00 pm at the Denby Cinema in Sydney, Australia

There are some bits of me in the trailer and you can see my personal reel on IMDB.

Karahserine.com is also where you can see my reel and more pix.IMG_6859-1


Moving Forward…. The Humbling


The Humbling….

A movie I can’t wait to see with Al Pacino and Directed by Barry Levinson. I had a small role and happy to see I am also in the trailer.






I hope to work with these two again and read more of Philip Roth’s Novels.



Bag Boy Lover Boy at Fantasia International Film Festival

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Bag Boy Lover Boy is making it’s World Premier at the Fantasia International Film Festival. Directed by Andres Torres.

If you are near Montreal be sure to check me out as I play a fashion stylist.


Kathy Biehl, Karah Serine and Jon Wachter

Here is a great review: 

“Pretty girls are nice”. Borderline autistic hot-dog vendor Albert (Jon Wachter) slugs out the night shift on the streets of Manhattan. A questionable perk of the job is that he gets to meet all kinds of colourful characters. One such character is nudie photographer Ivan Worthington (Theodore Bouloukos). Ivan takes an immediate shine to the inescapably weird Albert and offers him a job at his studio, where he promises to teach him about photography. His real ambitions are quite a good deal different. Ivan plans for Albert to become his subject in a series of extreme erotic shoots (!), secretly hoping to exploit his oddness in ways that could see him celebrated as the next Diane Arbus. Dabbling in shooting under Ivan’s tutelage, Albert takes a shine to the power that a camera can command. Unfortunately, his super awkward social mannerisms don’t go over especially well with potential models. As he continues to aspire towards a career in shooting — and controlling — beautiful women, Albert proves himself to be a full-on sociopath with not-quite-minor homicidal tendencies.

A rugged odd duck of a film that evokes the tones of Paul Morrissey, Andy Milligan and Richard Kern — and particularlyDRILLER KILLER-era Abel Ferrara — BAG BOY LOVER BOY is many ways a return to the kind of classic New York Underground filmmaking that the city no longer produces. It positively oozes with unusual characters, seedy situations and subversive sleaze, a uniquely toxic strain of blood coursing through its chemically enhanced veins. An unconventional assault on accepted social norms of classism and exploitation, BAG BOY LOVER BOY is driven by an underlying suspicion of artists who strive for positions of power and a general contempt for human nature. Among the film’s biggest strengths is its assortment of eccentric personalities — in fact, some of the characters were not in the original script and were instead created based on actors who came in and auditioned for other parts. Freakazoid first-timer Andres Torres has made a blackly funny — and wholly uncomfortable — film that’s at once an inspired throwback and a fresh new outsider vision. His lead, Jon Wachter, is one of the most unusual screen presences you’re ever going to see. We couldn’t imagine a better-suited work with which to launch our new Fantasia Underground section. Put that in your shutter and smoke it.

— Mitch Davis

Get your tickets for BAG BOY LOVER BOY playing Wednesday July 23 at 7:15 p.m.




10481591_10152518969973930_3921390891206275572_n Karah Serine


My Androgynous Look With Red Lips



On set for my friend Marco Palou’s Music Video. Androgynous at it’s best. 




Androgynous is a mixture of feminine and masculine energy. Top 15 celebrities that have this. One of my favorite singers, Prince is Number One and of coarse Jared Leto from The Dallas Buyers Club is on the list. Not unusual for singers and another one of my favorites, Annie Lennox is included. The last photo is Edgy: David Bowie’s new video sees Tilda Swinton channel a younger version of the musician as she plants a tender kiss on him





Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2284597/David-Bowie-shares-kiss-androgynous-Tilda-Swinton-new-video-The-Stars-Are-Out-Tonight.html#ixzz33mGZubob

update of selfies… Karah Serine



Feeling a little guilty about not writing in my blog. As I also still need to finish my Chakra post.

But for now…. Things are progressing and I am having a lot of fun with the photography.


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