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Brooklyn Artist Photo’s-Update

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Ron Nesbitt 

Ron Nesbitt was raised in Brooklyn; he learned the basics of painting from his parents; his life experiences forced his easel become his daily journal thus enabling him to customize his craft. Ron has created a mobile art studio with just his easel, brushes, oil paints and his talents.   He developed a technique for painting miniature scenes on glass, on coffee table tops and any surface known to man.  His materials of choice for example, a window pane, gives his work an intriguing characteristic depth, allowing him to add in backgrounds on the reverse of the glass, incredible images in the foreground, thus forming an imaginary montage that cast realistic shadows.

Ron’s painting talents have been compared to the great Erine Barnes (the artist of the famous “Good Times” painting).

The paintings below are for sale; also, Ron is available to do individual special requests.  Click here contact Ron.

-This info was taken from the website below and you can view more of his paintings. 


All photo’s by Kara Peterson-All Rights Reserved

If you need a few photo’s taken be sure to contact me….And don’t forget if you want to share photo’s for fun…. photo credit: inkarasworld.com

Thank You!

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