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Toilet Paper is Amazing

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Karah Serine:

:) A good little laugh for the day! A simple little laugh can brighten our day!

Originally posted on Laughing at Everyday Life:

Yes, I said it. You all know it.

Toilet Paper is amazing!



It is softer than using leaves or even duct tape.


Or even worse, a cheese grater


But with so many of us spending quality time in the bathroom,

I think that toilet paper manufactures should look at better ways to market to a captured audience.

For example, we all could brush up on our math


Think of the cool things we could make while we sat there?


And who isn’t up to a good game of Suduko?


You could draw some cool pictures for the next person


For those moments you just can’t get as clean as you want

Forget 4 ply, how about this stuff?


When you got rich you could use your money to wipe with

Oh, and when you are rich, you can have people bend over…

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