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What really motivates us? Dan Pink: The Surprising Science of Motivation


This video was inspired by ToddLohenry.com after watching a Ted video from Tony Robbins.

He speaks how intrinsic motivation can be greater than extrinsic motivation… in the work force.

No surprise here-For me, if I am not first inspired internally then it doesn’t matter how much money it brings, I will still not give it my best. I will attempt it and complete it for the money but without the heart no work will be great. Watching his video distinguishing which types of work this is true for and which it is not.

9. Dan Pink: The Surprising Science of Motivation

English: Title of motivation and emotion

English: Title of motivation and emotion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tony spoke a lot about emotion behind motivation… his video is right after Dan’s on Ted Best List. I have started liking Tony more and more…it is his emotion that makes him so compelling. I have to agree with him, when our emotions are so strong in what we want…we find a way.

I think by me putting my goals on paper, (even though I am fully procrastinating, hmmm wonder why) it will help to guide me to what my true wants are and where my true motivation is. However, right or wrong my personality, as shown in my astrology chart, is that even with the heart fully involved… for me to be be fully motivated I like to know there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, even if that is not my driving force. I don’t have to know what type of pot will be holding the gold. I am better now with the idea of doing what is right and what feels good and trusting… what should be will be.


For what is it worth…

English: Unconscious Motivation

English: Unconscious Motivation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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4 thoughts on “What really motivates us? Dan Pink: The Surprising Science of Motivation

  1. Both talks are simply incredible. Drilling down to discover what are “true motivations” often times not an easy undertaking. Reminds me of the far too often used onion analogy. One must be honest and willing to pull back the layers. However, the rewards at the end do very much resemble “a pot of gold.”

    Be encouraged!

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