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Thought of the day…Judith Light at the Sag Foundation…


There are plenty of difficult obstacles in your path. Don’t allow yourself  to become one of them.

by Ralph Marston

Whatever is to be will be!

by Anon

About a week ago I had the honor of listening to Judith Light at the Sag Foundation.

  1. English: , American actress

    English: , American actress (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    She had some great words for actors (and everyone else) that I would like to share before I forget it all.

    I was very impressed with her background and how she got out of her own way to make room for success. She swore she would never do soap opera’s or TV sitcoms. Yet, these are the two area’s that made her a household name. She reminded us that acting is a service and we don’t know how we are meant to be used. She was able to put aside her ego and preconceived attitude to go on and do some great work and learned a lot along the way.

    Anthony Hopkins quote came to my mind as I listened to her.

    I realized these words don’t just apply to our personal life but also are professional one. I can’t worry about how others perceive me or let my ego get in the way of the type of roles I think I want. I just need to do my work honestly and let the good roles that are meant for me, come my way.

    She is a believer in destiny. Fate was on Judith side with “Who’s the Boss”. She was

    Ay Angela!

    Ay Angela! (Photo credit: rutlo)

    auditioning for 3 pilots when she put “Who’s the Boss” third on her list. The other two….who remembers. Lucky for her the audition for Who’s The Boss was a click for all involved.

    When she was asked what an Actor should do while not “working” her advice was to get more in touch with who you are. I don’t remember exactly what she said but the jest of what I got from it was find the place inside of you the connects to the work as service. Do it with happiness and remember it is a service job and that is the only reason you should be doing it. She also at some point mentioned the healing thymus chakra. Her answer was not based on special skills and the sort but focus on the place where your work comes from and being grounded.

    Her words made sense to me and are in tune of why I have re-entered the world of Acting. This is the place I inspire to come from or I would not be doing it again. I am not sure that was the case years ago when I first started, I suppose that is why I stopped. I had my own personal work I needed to do first.

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2 thoughts on “Thought of the day…Judith Light at the Sag Foundation…

  1. really cool and deep words!

  2. Great post! Thanks for giving us this wonderful insight to the craft of acting. I find what you’re doing very inspiring!

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