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Goodbye….Bag Boy Lover Boy

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It’s A Wrap Bag Boy Lover Boy….. It has been fun!!!

Actress/Model Marseille Morillo, Make-up Artist Lauren Citera

Actor Theodore Bouloukos

Theodore Bouloukos

Actress Kathy Biehl

DP Anna Franquesa, Gaffer Alberto Sala

Actress Kathy Biehl, Director Andres Torres, Actor Jon Wachter

Actress Kara Peterson ” are we done yet?”

I think they are done…. Producer Ziyad Saadi and Production Designer Rocio Gimenez

Author: Karah Serine

Actress SAG-AFTRA and Photographer Acting Web Site: www.karahserine.com Blog: www.karahserineblog.com Photography by Karah Serine: http://karahserinephotography.wordpress.com/

One thought on “Goodbye….Bag Boy Lover Boy

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