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What do my lips say about me?

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Wider smile

A wide smile indicates a strong appetite for life and a hunger for new experiences. Such a person will find it harder to feel satisfied and once settled get the urge to institute changes. Wide lips will typically extend so that the ends are beyond the outer edge of the iris when relaxed.

Curvy upper lip

Lips that have a strong curvy shape across the top of the upper lip along with a pronounced philtrum suggest greater vitality. This could be sexual vitality or generally more energy and endurance. Look for a strong M shape to the top of the upper lip and a defined vertical groove between the peaks of the upper lip and nose.

Curved lower lip

A noticeable curve along the lower edge of the bottom lip indicates that style and artistic qualities are important. Such a person may find it easy to create a sense of glamour to what ever they do.

Open mouth    

Someone who leaves his or her mouth open may be particularly relaxed and easy going. This would also reveal the inside of the mouth and suggest an open, accessible character.


Smiling sends out a message of friendliness. The unconscious signal is that the person is safe, playful and ready to engage. Smiles can also be a sign of approval, agreement and acquiescence. Someone who smiles often may be seeking harmony and sending out a signal that he or she wants to be accepted and included.


When someone is talking we can observe the way he or she moves his or her lips. Sometimes the person may make an effort to create neat and tidy movements bring his or her lips back to rest in the same place. This indicates self-control, organisation and care.

Varied lip movement where the mouth takes on unexpected shapes and returns to a variety of positions suggest a person who likes spontaneity, surprise and change.

Pursed lips

Closing our lips tightly suggest tension, stress or concentration. Biting the lower lip can be a sign of anxiety.


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